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Transcribing the Paxton Boys: Assignment & Rubric

You have been assigned a selection from a genuine announcement written by John Penn, the grandson of the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. Selection one covers the first paragraph, selection two covers the middle two, and selection three covers the final paragraph. Public officials hung this bulletin, or broadside, around Philadelphia in the summer of 1765 in response to unrest on the frontier. 

First, read through your assigned selection. Then, transcribe the selection word-for-word in a Google Doc. In order to demonstrate comprehension of the text, rewrite your selection in vernacular English, or as you might speak to a friend. 

This text may be confusing. It is more than 250 years old, so the language may seem unfamiliar. Take it one clause at a time, and think carefully as you a read.

Required Material
Optional Materials
Write and submit a one-paragraph response (3-5 sentences) to the question below. Consult your classmates transcriptions on Google Drive in order to write your response. You are welcome though not required to share your thoughts on the assignment.

Question: What bias do you detect in this source? How can you tell that the source is biased? Cite specific evidence.

Download a printable version of this assignment.

Download a printable version of the grading rubric.

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