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Welcome to the Paxton Digital Collection. Click any item to access images, metadata, and full-text transcriptions as we add them.

All images are free for non-commercial use under Creative Commons, Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). By default, all images are available as 300 dpi jpeg files, though readers are encouraged to visit the American Philosophical SocietyHaverford College Quaker and Special CollectionsHistorical Society of PennsylvaniaLibrary Company of PhiladelphiaMoravian Archives of Bethlehem, and Philadelphia Museum of Art for additional download options.

Below "Contents" you may use paths to filter materials by type. At present, the Digital Collection features 12 artworks, 12 broadsides, 111 manuscripts, 67 pamphlets, and seven political cartoons. About half of the corpus is fully-transcribed, with new transcriptions being added on a regular basis. The manuscripts path includes sub-paths with which readers may filter for Friendly AssociationTimothy Horsfield, and Edward Shippen correspondence. Likewise, pamphlets includes a sub-path highlighting items for which we have digitized more than one edition (Multiple Editions).

Finally, there are several tools you may use to search across the Digital Collection. You may perform a local search on the Index page. This page contains too many items for easy browsing; however, a local search will allow you to quickly filter items using keywords related to titles and descriptions. To search across metadata and transcriptions, use Scalar's global Search. By default, Scalar searches item names and descriptions; if you select all fields & metadata, Scalar will across the Digital Paxton corpus, which may require more time.

At any point you may return to this or any other path using the Table of Contents, accessible from the menu in the top left corner of the screen.

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