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Podcasting the Paxton Boys

In this assignment, you will work in small groups to create a podcast of a “talk show” in which a host interviews members of the Paxton Boys. Each group will need to assign one host and one or two (depending on the size of your group) Paxton boys.
Step One
Using information from the textbook, lectures, and primary sources available in Digital Paxton, write a script in which a host interviews members of the Paxton Boys. Envision the setting as a radio or television talk show in which the interviewees want to convey their demands, what led to their demands, and their reactions to the outcomes. The host wants the guest to convey their opinions, but s/he may want, in the tradition of hard-hitting journalism, to expose flaws in their reasoning or to make connections to larger events.

Step Two
Edit your script and record a podcast using Spreaker. You may consult my Spreaker walkthrough for assistance.
Skill TypeHistorical Thinking Skill
I. Chronological Reasoning1. Historical Causation
2. Patterns of Continuity and Change over Time
3. Periodization
II. Comparison and Contextualization4. Comparison
5. Contextualization
III. Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence6. Historical Argumentation
7. Appropriate Use of Relevant Historical Evidence
IV. Historical Interpretation and Synthesis8. Interpretation
9. Synthesis

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