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The following issues of the Pennsylvania Gazette were digitized by the American Antiquarian Society thanks to the support of a Lapidus Initiative Digital Collections Fellowship from the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture. One outstanding issue (29 December 1763) has been generously supplied by the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts. (Please reference Credits for complete acknowledgements.)

One of the most prominent newspapers in colonial America, the Pennsylvania Gazette was printed by Benjamin Franklin himself. Given Franklin’s active participation in the Paxton debate, his paper offers a backdrop against which to read his arguments and to measure changes in colonial settlement policy. 

The Gazette also offers a rich, weekly record of affairs within in the colony and across the Atlantic.

The publication traverses the Paxton print debate (1763-64) and situates that massacre in a wider context of indigenous warfare. The 23 curated issues span from Pontiac’s Rebellion (June 9, 1763) through the 1764 election results (December 27, 1764).

Read Will Fenton's post on Uncommon Sense for a longer a discussion of the Pennsylvania Gazette and the Paxton massacre.

Alongside the aforementioned issues of the Pennsylvania GazetteLancasterHistory has digitized two excerpts from The Gentleman's Magazine, a periodical published in London between 1731-1922, and one issue of the London Chronicle. Notably, the April 1764 issues of both the Gentleman's Magazine and the London Chronicle include a version of Benjamin Franklin's Narrative of the Late Massacres.
 We have currently digitized 27 issues of the Gazette, Gentleman's Magazine, and London Chronicle, arranged chronologically in the path below "Contents."

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