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An Interview with the Paxton Boys: Assignment & Rubric

You will work in small groups to create a podcast in which one host interviews a Paxton ally and a Paxton critic. The Paxton ally should state their demands, why they're making those demands, and their reactions to the outcomes of the violence. The Paxton critic should state their critique, why they think the Paxton ally is wrong, and their reaction to the Paxton violence. Like any good judge, the interviewer should remain skeptical and ask many thoughtful questions.

  1. Read the assigned primary sources.
  2. Create an outline of what a Paxton critic and ally would say and how an impartial host would respond.
  3. Record your podcast with a computer or smartphone audio recording application. For example, Voice Recorder & Audio Editor (iOS) or Voice Recorder (Android) are free downloads. Your recordings should be 5-10 min.
  4. Submit your podcast via Google Drive.

Secondary Source
Primary Sources

Download a printable version of this assignment sheet.

Download a printable version of the grading rubric.

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