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An Historical Account of the Late Disturbance - 8

we could make with them, in hopes for the Future they wou’d rest satisfied, and in their Way, endeavour for an honest Living by Hunting, &c. which Trade with us in my Opinion, for their Skins and Furrs, wou’d be valuable; and the Heart scald, that now subsists among People; chiefly on their Account, wou’d weare away; on the other Hand if they should misbehave, there are Men enough here, and more will be very soon here, and be able to follow them into their Towns, and undoubtedly take full Satisfaction, for any Insults they dare commit. If we rightly inform’d, our Mother Country had always some Jealousy of our 'behaviour one Day or other, and in this Situation of Things, there is a beginning made. SOLOMON says: A rod for the Fools back, and we shall have it, a standing Army to maintain.

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