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The Substance of a Council Held at Lancaster - 11

Commission from Heaven to settle the Affairs of this World; I always imagin'd their Business was to prepare us for the next: Whenever they attempt to regulate Kingdoms and Provinces, I am always suspicious that they are making fair Weather with Satan in order to enjoy those earthly Kingdoms themselves, which are rejected with the greatest contempt by our blessed Saviour.

IN the Days of Darkness and Superstition, the Clergy had engross'd all the civil as well as religious Authority in Europe. It was the Glory however of Presbyterianism at the Reformation to strip them in a great Measure of both. In every Attempt they have made since to regain their lost Influence they have generally failed; and altho' one would think that the past Experience of our Forefathers might convince the Ministers of this Day, and deter them from such unparallel'd pride, and consummate Folly; yet, such is the Nature of ambitious Priests, that they are ever restless, like the foaming Sea, casting forth Mire and Dirt, till either a few of them domineer over the rest, or the whole over us that are Laymen.

THE Motive that led me to these Reflections, was the Consideration of that imperious Jesuitical Bull sent forth from our Ministers in Philadelphia to their Brethren in the Country.

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