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The Substance of a Council Held at Lancaster - 7

made use of in collecting Money for the Widows Fund, and babled out in London, that altho we assured the World in our Brief, that the charitable Donations given to us was for the Redemption of thousands of our Countrymen in Captivity by the Indians, yet we had no such Intention, as our Charter was purely for our Widows and poor Brethren; nevertheless he may answer our puposes at present, and we may make use of him, as we do of a necessary-House, occasionally in Cases of Necessity. W—e and D—a as good Presbyterians as any in the Land have got him in tow, and have cast such a mist before his Eyes, that they begin to lead him about, like little Dogs who trot before blind Men in a String.

A Motion by Mr,—


I have one Question to ask, and that is— how can all these good Laws be obtain'd in favor of our Church, if we choose Episcopalians to represent us?

Mr. Moderator reply'd, that there were a good many Presbyterians who would be return'd: but it was not material who were chosen this Year, if they cou'd but get F—n G—y and R—s out, with two or three others; the rest wou'd be like a Body without a Head.—

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