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The Substance of a Council Held at Lancaster - 4

dant was of a Party, and not agreeable to the Merits of the Cause, for which four or five of them were turn'd out, through the interest of a certain eminent and sensible Courtier; so now as we are all one People again, our Elders who will generally be made Justices, will have it in their Power to be revenged upon all the Enemies of Presbyterianism. This is the first Advantage we shall reap from our firm Attachment to the P—•, especially if we can carry our point at the ensuing Election.

THE second Advantage is we shall have an A—y G—l of our own persuasion; for it said the Personage that holds it now, and who has govern'd our G—s this ten Years is to resign for that Purpose.

THE third is of greater Consequence still and that is, the passing several Laws in Favour of Presbytertanism; this, be assured, my Friends, is stipulated in our Favour upon the following Conditious, First, that the P—s Lands be exempted from Taxes forever; and what is Six or Seven Hundred a Year, especially when not above one fourth of it will be taken from us Presbyterians, as the Burden will fall equally upon other Societies; and we shall reap all the Profit? Secondly, that an Annuity of 1000 per Annum be settled upon all our succeeding G—s; for which Favors we shall have in return.—

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