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The Substance of a Council Held at Lancaster - 3

King's Name become odious and stink in the Nostrils of the Dutch, and let them join heartily with us thy Servants in turning out the present Members of Assembly, and in putting in such Men as shall be subservient to all our present and future Views for the Good of thy Kirk! Amen!

After which Prayer he opened the Council with the following Speech.

My dear Brethren!

THE Business we are now met upon demands our most serious Consi+deration. It is of no less importance than the establishing of our most holy Religion in this Province; for the Accomplishment of which you know all means, whether justifiable or unjustifiable, are to be us'd, seeing the End is so valuable. Our late Behaviour in killing the Savages in in this Place; marching to Germantown; and intimidating the Assembly, hath so far recommended our Society to the G—t that all the Places of Trust are to be thrown into our Hands, especially the Commissions of the Peace. And as you know the New Lights and old Lights who were formerly Justices, gave Judgment against the Followers of each other, according as the Plaintiff or Defen-

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