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The Substance of a Council Held at Lancaster - 2

MR. J—n E—g being chosen Moderator, the Meeting was open'd by him with a Prayer to the following Effect.

Lord thou knowest the end of our Meeting as well as we can tell thee, that it is to settle the Election; not the Election of Grace, but of Members of Assembly for this Province! O! Do thou confound these cursed Quakers, that are endeavoring to bring us under a Kingly Yoke, which thou knowest that neither we nor our Fathers ever cou'd bear! Do thou turn the Hearts of the ignorant Dutch from King George to serve the P—r in such a manner as will enable us to establish our Religion upon the Necks of both! Confound our Enemies the Assembly and all their Adherents, who are Lovers of Monarchy and Abhorrers of Presbyterianism! Pour down in a particular manner thy Judgments upon F—n and G—y, and let the thunderbolts of thy Vengeance sink them down to the lower regions! Enable us thy Servants at this Time so to settle Matters that Presbyterianism may be establish'd among us, and all other Professions crumble before it! Let the

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