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The Quakers Assisting to Preserve the Lives of the Indians - 7

is shed therein, but by the Blood of him that has shed it:-----Numbers 35, v.33. Here we see how explicite God is respecting Murder how than is it, or can it be possible that a Christian can here tell of so horrid a Crime as that committed at Lancaster without the deepest Sorrow mixt with Resentment; how can a solid thinking Man help saying, that had I been there at the Time, when the Banditti came, I could have given my All to have saved the Life of those indians. “A Man lay down his Life for his Friend sayeth Christ.” But do call them Indians Innocent, how is it possible that Indians can be innocent? I answer, they were innocent, for they had never been convicted by the Laws of God or Man, nor I believe suspected by their Neighbours. They had a just Right to all the Privileges and Advantages necessary to their Occasions. Why not, they were certainly our Neighbours dwelling on Lands of their own: But if only Sojourners, we live enjoined by the Royal law, to take necessary Care that they are not Sufferers by us, and that they receive no ill at our Hands, but must love them as ourselves. Here my Bretheren I have produced a Part of those heavenly Statues, which are binding to us any part of the Royal Laws; and by the Sanction of these very Laws, I shall prove that the Quakers Assisting the good People

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