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The Quakers Assisting to Preserve the Lives of the Indians - 4

upon the Evidence of one Person, but at least there must be two Witnesses to take the Life of one Man “Whoso killeth any Person, the Murderer shall be put to death by the Mouth of a Witness. But one Witness shall not testify against any one Person to cause him to die.”----The Law is so particularly regardful of Strangers, I cannot with Satisfaction omit the Asserting some more of it.----which hath an inseparable Connection with that blessed Command of our Saviour, which is--------“Do unto all Men as thou would have them do unto thee, for that is the whole Law and the Prophets.” The Law speaking of Strangers in Exo. Chap. 22. vers 22, sayeth, “thou shalt neither vex a Stranger nor oppress him:’ And conceive to give it the greater Censure on their minds; the Lord tells them: “For ye were Strangers in the Land of Egypt. And if a Stranger sojourn with thee in your Land, ye shall not vex them. But the Stranger that dwelleth with you, shall be unto you as one born amongst you, and thou shalt love him as theyself.” Lev. 19. 33. Upon the Whole I must conclude that the Privileges in the civil Government of the jewish Nation was as tender to Strangers, and as regardful of their Happiness as that of the Seed of Abraham.----I have coated the Laws, though but a part of those, which promise Protection to Strangers and Sojourners equal to those of our own Nation. Were not Men corrupted by ill Principles in Education, and bidding Defiance to Laws, both Moral and Divine,---I question whether there is any Nation of People in the World at this Time

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