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The Quakers Assisting to Preserve the Lives of the Indians - 2

THE late Rebellion in the back Inhabitants has been the Occasion of a Number of Pamphlets being wrote and spread in this Colony, some of which I have seen; the first was the Narrative; which i’ll venture to say is a good Thing. Then comes the Quaker Unmask’d, a Pamphlet I set no more Store by that, than I do by the Principles of the writer: In answer to that another was wrote, titled the Presbyterian Looking-Glass, which sheweth a great deal of ingenuity, accompanied with sound Reasons for the publick good.

AND I am sorry the Author made his Period where he did, had he carried his discourse so far as to have cleared the Matter with regard to the Quakers assisting the Loyal Citizens to save the Lives of those Indians then in the Barracks; I should not put Pen to Paper on the Subject.

ALTHOUGH I am not one of that Society myself, yet I have a Love for them as I have for all other good People that were so well adorned with Christian Zeal and Piety towards GOD; to join as one Man in defence of his righteous Law; which forbids the shedding of Innocent Blood----Because every Person is deemed innocent in the Eye of the Law, until he is proved Guilty.

“I shall quote some of the Mosaic Law or Laws of God, as they stand upon holy Record.-----And by the Validity of those Laws I presume to try that Act of Cruelty committed on the Indians

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