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The Quakers Assisting to Preserve the Lives of the Indians - 11

there is not one that Reason to find Fault with a Building, which when erected suits the Builders purpose---But this building is of a more worthy and elegant Nature---This was built by God his laws were the Materials and the loyal Citizens of Philadelphia, were his Worksman. “blessed is the Man that knoweth his Masters Will and doth it, blessed are you, when men shall revile, and persecute you, and shall say all Manner of Evil against you, falsly for my Sake,” Matt. I,II. Well this is the very Situation my beloved Citizens, that you are in.--This Unmasker has been gathering of filth and flinging at you for some weeks past but for want of skill or steady hand he has bespattered his own Garments, that he realy appears to be a dirty Fellow---Although he seems to point his Shaft at the Quakers: Notwithstanding the prudent Reader will undoubtedly see that the vindictive Spirit stops not, here the Unmasker revealeth the Quakers for acting, because they are Principled against war both offensive and defensive.---Let that be the case,---their Principles still remain untoucht in that particular, for here is no War amongst Men that I know of, but Nation against Nation or the King and Parliament one against the other, which is called a civil War,---shall this be called a War, when a Number of ill minded Men collected into a Body, and threaten Destruction to their Neighbours in the same Pro-

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