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The Quaker Vindicated - 15

treat his neighbour with such scurrility; who could publish such base falsehoods, under the mask of truth? It surely could not arise from a zeal, as he pretended, "that Peace might again be restored among us?" No: Such a supposition would imply greater stupidity than belongs to his character. Let me speak with boldness what reason and truth conspire to dictate. We must than conclude that our Unmasker had no other design but to vindicate the conduct of Rioters, and bespatter as much as possible the name of a Quaker, no matter with how little justice or decency; to impose on the ignorant, inflame the giddy, and to prolong the alienation (unhappy circumstance!) which has already taken place. Judge then, my Fellow-Countrymen, whether such a man's opinion should determine you in your choice of Representatives?—

But I hasten to conclude, in the sentiment of a noble Lord, upon another occasion; Whatever factions may arise, and however loud the Drummers of faction may sound their noisy alarms; however they may attempt to drown the voice of reason and truth by their clamour; let the Friends of Pennsylvania lay aside the animosities which have been raised and maintained by the wicked and by the weak; let them hold fast their integrity, and support with spirit the Cause of their Country and its Laws, and they will confirm the good, reclaim the bad, vanquish the incorrigible, and Peace again shall be restored among us.


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