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The Quaker Vindicated - 8

However, Philopatrius "only observes that their behaviour did them honour, as it shewed them to be brave, loyal, and discreet". I would ask this Gentleman, in what Nation was it ever counted "brave", to desire to attack a defenceless confin'd body of people, with a resolution, in cool blood, to kill them all, Men, Women and Children? In what State or Government was it ever thought "loyal", to fly in the face of Authority, and trample down the Laws of their Country? In what Realm or Re|gion was it ever deemed "discreet", for a Man to come with a Petition in one hand, and a loaded Musket in the other. The Unmasker may think as he pleases, but I am sure this is not PLAIN TRUTH.

"They sent in a Memorial", says this Writer, "to the Governor; letting his Honour know that by such a time they would be at Germantown, and there halt till he was pleased to give them an answer". If they did send in their Petition before they came to Germantown, it was so far commendable, and spoke more in their favour than their preceding conduct. But it has been observed that it was by no means dictated in the petitory manner; a small quotation will evince the truth of this remark, where, speaking of killing the Indians in the Barracks, they say, "It is this we DESIGN, it is this we are RESOLVED to PROSECUTE".

"Some of the People called Quakers", says the Unmasker, "said that they had force sufficient to kill the whole", and "it was better so, than condescend to treat with such a Banditti". It is impossible in an answer of this kind to decide what "some of the People" might say. However, had any Quakers of note made such a proposition, why did he not mention their names? Certainly, he does not want good-will enough to expose them. But as he only asserts it without proof, I must use the freedom of suspending my assent.

"Nevertheless", says he, "those Gentlemen, who were more averse to the shedding of the blood of their Fellow-Subjects,

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