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The Quaker Vindicated - 3


AFTER late Insurrection was quelled, it was hoped that unanimity and concord would again have taken place among the good People of this Province: And as the lenity of the Government was so great as to pardon the Offenders, it was expected that not even their abettors would again attempt to rekindle the coals of strife and jealousy in the breasts of the rash and inconsiderate.

But unhappily for Pennsylvania, there seems to be some of its Inhabitants that are resolved to leave no stone unturned till they can hit upon the means that will force a lasting breach among their Fellow-Countrymen. In this Class of Men appears the Author of the Piece under present consideration; called The Quaker Unmask'd; or, Plain Truth. Which, as he asserts to be matter of fact, it may be expedient to canvass its pages, and see if it be the spirit of Truth that breathes through it, or a wilful Misrepresentation: In the disquisition of which, we shall endeavour, as much as possible, to avoid railing, and only stick to the argument.

The Unmasker says, "He thinks it a Duty incumbent on every good subject to make diligent search, in order to find out the aggressors, and then to inform the Public how he has found matters".—Let us see how consistent he prosecutes this design: First then, without giveing the least proof of it, he roundly asserts, that "These Incendiaries (the Quakers) have wrote and published several inflamatory Pamphlets with a design to enrage the Populace". Surely, our Unmasker never could have made "diligent Search", or he would not have begun with so great a mistake; the Quakers Address to the Governor being the sole Piece they have published, vindicating

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