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The Quaker Unmasked - 6

have been in the Battle against Col. BOQUET, and others at the Siege of Fort Pitt, during the Summer) seem’d to be in Danger of receiving their just Deserts from the Hands of a bereft and injured People, no Toils or Fatigues by Night or Day are thought too great, nor no Expence too much to protect these Bosom Friends. Nay, their very fundamental Principles of Non-Resistance, which would never before bend in Defence of King or Country, are chearfully sacrificed on the interesting Occasion, as a Compliment to perfidious Savages.

THE PAXTON PEOPLE’S coming down armed, in a seemingly hostile Manner, is also justly to be condemned,---But whilst we condemn particular Facts, let us not misrepresent the general Characters of these People.

LET it be considered, that they had, long before, sent several Petitions to the Governor and Assembly, which, its suppos’d, have been conceal’d by some ill designing persons: And tho’ his Honour never receiv’d these Remonstrances, yet the distress’d People believ’d he had, and look’d upon themselves as utterly neglected and their sufferings despis’d by the Government.
Now let any candid Person consider this Circumstance, added to their numberless other Distresses, and he will certainly admit such an Apology for the Extravagancies as the wise SOLOMON suggests, that “Oppresion will make a wise Man mad.”-----And have not all Nations and Generations found it so, that when People have been driven to Desparation by Oppression, they have broken thro’ all Obstacles to right themselves, if at all in their Power?---Nay, is not the happy and glorious REVOLUTION, by which our civil and religious Rights, as

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