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The Quaker Unmasked - 4

so little exercise? Nay, do not Candor, Piety, and Justice require that we should admit of every alleviating Circumstance in their Favour, rather than take so much Pains (as many do) to aggrivate their Crime, and make bad appear worse?

THESE Incendaries are not only engaged themselves, at their dear Friends, the Indians, being slain, but would have all the Rest of the World of their Temper;---To obtain which End, they have wrote and publish’d several inflamatory Pamphlets, asserting many falsehoods, with a Design to enrage the Populace against these poor distressed, though rash People.---Go but into the House of a Quaker, and before you have Time to discover what you came for, he will ask you, with an affected Meekness, “Hast thee seen the Massacre of the Indians at Lancaster?”---A Pamphlet well known to be wrote by one of their zealous Friends, in Order to swell the Current of Prejudices against the aforesaid People.

I shou’d be glad to see the Massacre of the Back Inhabitants drawn by the same able Hand, provided he would do it with the same Zeal in their Favour, and against the Savage Indian Butchers, as I’m confident he could have a much more affecting Subject to handle, and fill every Imagination with Horror.-----None of those killed at Lancaster were by Design kept one Moment in Torment; whereas many of our Frontier Inhabitants have been wantonly kept whole Days and Nights in exquisite Tortures, prolong’d and heighten’d with all the Contrivances infernal Malice could suggest before those Savages (whose Cause and Interest Quakers so warmly espouse) would vouchsafe to give the merciful finishing Blow!

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