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The Quaker Unmasked - 15

without Cause; and all sensible Men will approve the Severity.-----But---to provoke, and then punish them, as it were for that Provocation, raises Compassion for them even in the Midst of their Extravagancies, and Resentment against the willful Oppressors.

TO talk against Presbyterians as such, on this Occasion, is the Effect either of Malice and Party Spirit, or Nonsense; for tho’ they happened to be generally Presbyterians who were so abused and injured, yet Principles of BRITISH LIBERTY and the Sense or Sentiments of Nature alone, not of Presbyterianism, or any other Denomination, breath in their Remonstrance and Petition.-----Let any cool judges, before the pass Sentence, imagine themselves to be in the very same Circumstances, and then think how they would feel? and let such as observe how a just Resentment is apt to transport their own Minds, and cause them, on less Occasions, to go beyond proper Rules---at least excuse, tho’ not approve some unguarded Actions of an injured People.

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