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The Quaker Unmasked - 13

Wealth in this Province.-----To govern, is absolutely repugnant to the avowed Principles of Quakers: Therefore if they are conscientious Men, they will not undertake it, and if they are not so, surely we should not trust them.---Can any Man of Sense believe that a conscientious Quaker will lay hold of any Part of the Reins that govern a People engaged in Wars, and at the same Time declare, that from Conscience he can have no Hand in War? It is true, every man has Liberty to profess his Belief, nor should any be forced to act contrary to it; I only contend for People’s adhereing strictly to what they Profess, and that those who do not should be looked upon as Deceivers of Men, and therefore not fit to be entrusted.

THAT Peace and Truth may be promoted, that Justice may be practiced, and that the Hypocrite reign not, least the Peple be ensnared, is the Desire of


Second-Street, Philadelphia.
February 18, 1764.


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