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The Quaker Unmasked - 11

stroyed. And don’t thee consider that the Destruction of the Back Inhabitants lessens a growing Party against us; whilst we are prospering and thriving on the Fat of the Land: And tho’ our Malice at present is openly pointed only at the Presbyterians; yet to be plain with thee, we are as much in our Hearts against all who differ from us in Opinion: And can thee blame us for seeking the Overthrow of all that oppose the good Schemes of the faithful? But thee knows it would be impolitic to discover our Resentment to too many Sects at once, for by doing so we might endanger our selves and our Affairs.” I think there can be only one Objection to such a Declaration from a Man call’d a Quaker, and that is, it would be acting with more Openness and Honesty than is generally found amongst them.

BUT it may be ask’d, Why all this Clamour against Quakers? Surely they don’t soley govern. True, Thank God they do not: But if a few artful bad Men in the Administration may be very detrimental, what may we apprehend where so many Quakers are instructed, who have lately prov’d their very Religion to be a political Engine, to which they themselves pay no conscientious Regard, but as it suits their crafty Purposes.

IT was the Observation of Constantius, Father to Constantine the great, that “they who were false to their God, would never be true to their Prince.” Upon which he discarded the Pagans whom he had prov’d to be ready to embrace any Religion indifferently, and employed the Christians, who firmly adhered to their Profession.

LET us look round and see who are those who enjoy the Places of Profit and Truth in this Province; (a very few excepted) are they not Quakers or Quaker’s Creatures

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