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The Quaker Unmasked - 10

eagerly desiring the Combat, and thirsting for the Blood of those his Opponents.

AND Here let me observe, that the very People whom the Quakers took up Arms to destroy, were those who protected their Lives and Properties, whilst these ungrateful People sat unmolested in their Houses, and were preserved from feeling the Severities and Contrivances of Indian Cruelty.

‘TIS owing to the brave Stand which these unrequited Voluntiers have made against the Inroads of Savages, that the Quakers are now able to treat their Protectors with such Ingratitude.---No Excommunications now for taking up Arms!---Behold the Meeting-House converted into a Place of Arms!---No Preaching nor Praying heard there, but the beating of Drums, and confused clashing of Arms, by Men who knew not how to use them. Whilst some of their Preachers are busied in procuring Powder and Shot, others are employed in refreshing the Spirit of their brave Soldiers with Wine and other Liquors.---And are these the People who are taught by immediate Inspiration that it is a heinous Crime to fight? What amazing Hypocrisy appears in their Profession! They must either confess that they have hitherto resisted the Holy Spirit, or impiously assert that the Spirit has changed his Mind, and now directs them to War and Blood, contradictory to his former Inspirations.---But this is to blaspheme God and believe the Holy Ghost, yet such is their Conduct!

BUT one these pious Quakers here might say, “Thee art mistaken Friend;---It is true, we profess to have an Aversion to War: But this, with most of us, is from Policy rather than Principle. Nay we secretly rejoice when we hear of whole Settlements murdered and de-

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