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The Plain Dealer, Numb. III - 3


No. III.                        SATURDAY, May 12, 1764.

THAT “Quaker politicks and a Quaker faction have involv’d this province in almost all the contentions and all the miseries under which it has struggled.” Also that “the present attempts to change the Government have their origin from a desire in this faction of continuing to rule in all public transactions, or at least of preventing the miserable frontier inhabitants from ever observing their privileges,” are propositions which I advanc’d in No. I of the Plain Dealer; and I have not found the least reason to change my sentiments since I wrote that paper. The very manner in which this faction has prosecuted their schemes of late, would have confirm’d my opinions if I had been without indisputable evidence before.

SOON as our Assembly had publish’d their curious resolves, a petition was set on foot, for a King’s Government. But least people should too soon forget the Proprietors hatred of the frontier counties and the Quakers great love for them, tho’ most of us had formerly thought contrariwise on this subject; there was a piece published call’d Explanatory Remarks on the Assemblies Resolves. This was wrote by an eminent Quaker Assemblyman, and contain’d some additional Abuse of the Proprietor and a few hints at the ignorance of our Quaker ancestors, who it seems were not such wise Legis-

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