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The Plain Dealer, Numb. III - 22

they have often declar’d that the measures which our Quaker Faction pursues, and the laws which they endeavoured to buy, are fundamentally wrong, contrary to justice and the royal prerogative: And pray, is the thing to be equal and just in the new Government, which has hitherto been the contrary: Or is the King to part with his prerogative, as soon as we part with the present charter. Unless these things should happen, we can never reap the advantages that are promised us under a King’s Governor.

But when so much talk is made about restoring this province to a flourishing and happy condition, how does it come that those politicians never say a word about restoring the frontier counties to their lost privileges; is that also to be done under a new Government, or shall it never be done. For God’s sake, are we always to be slaves, must we groan for ever beneath the yoke of three Quaker counties. Are we ever to bleed by the hatchet of an enemy that we feed and cloath, while many of us are by them reduc’d to extreme poverty and famine, and continue in the hourly terror of loosing the miserable remains of life. Shall we never have it in our power, agreeable to the dictates of our own conscience, to exert the natural strength of this province in support of his Majesty’s dominions whenever danger threatens.

PETITIONS have frequently been presented to the Assembly, praying that these grievances be redressed, by granting the frontier counties a proper number of representatives, but little notice has ever been taken of these petitions. Instead of that, an attempt is made to change the Government, and we have great reason to suspect, that our privileges are never to be granted, else why is not that business done first. Our Assembly have this article in their power, and it is their proper business, and may be done immediately, and it seems strange that they should neglect so important a piece of service to the province, and engage in a thing which at present

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