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The Plain Dealer, Numb. III - 19

if our Government should now be changed we must loose a great many valuable privileges. And I may be indulged to say, that the cruelty of this faction towards our province does not appear plainer from any part of their conduct, than from the time and circumstances in which they endeavor to bring about a change of Government. By a series of actions directed by avarice, injustice and cruelty they have made this province contemptible in the eyes of the English nation, they have brought them to consider us a set of people regardless of honor, honesty, or his Majesty’s interest. When the £100,000 act was going to be condemned, our agents subscribed in the books of his Majesty’s privy Council, and promised, that the Assembly should prepare, pass and offer to the Governor, an act to amend the aforementioned act, according to the amendments proposed by the Lords of Council. Now tho’ on the strength of this stipulation his Majesty spared the bill, yet it could be believ’d that our Assemblies for either two or three years have since refused to support the public faith by fulfilling the engagement. They have gone so far as to offer the Governor new bills, containing the same regulations, for which his Majesty in Council has declared the other to be fundamentally wrong and unjust; and such an unpardonable breach of engagement and fighting with his Majesty’s decrees, we have yearly spent several thousand Pounds for this unhappy province. From the following extract of a letter to G-----r H-----n we may form some idea of what the Ministry thinks of us.

SIR,                 Whitehall, November 27, 1762.

“THE King has commanded me to express his suprize at the conduct of the Assembly of Pennsylvania (of which Sir Jeffrey Amherst has transmitted a full account) and his Majesty’s high disapprobation of their artfully evading to pay any obedience to his Majesty’s requisitions; for though they, with seeming chearfulness, voted the levy of

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