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The Plain Dealer, Numb. III - 13

“the Quakers, and Nutimufs a chief of the Jersey Indians, had made him a great man and persuaded him to say what he had heretofore said respecting the Proprietors of Pennsylvania cheating the Indians. And my Lords, Teedyusking hath since declared to me that he should not have troubled the Proprietor about these lands, had he not been instigated to do so by the Quakers. I am sorry to observe that the behaviour of the Quakers, and some of the Committee of the Assembly of Pennsylvania this day, was such as tended to excite the worst of suspicions in minds, jealous as Indians, and promote the worst consequences from persons of irascible. They openly supported Teedyusking in the denial of what he had said the day before. And insinuated that I would not do the Indians justice.” After it is proved that the Quakers have stirred up the Indians to anger, and even to murthering his Majesty’s subjects in this province, and that they have used every likely method to prevent a reasonable reconciliation, it would be trifling to tire the reader with proofs, that they carefully supplied the Indians during the course of their hostilities, and held a friendly intercourse and correspondence with them; these facts are too well known. But what beggars all astonishment is, that they, contrary to the order of his Majesty’s agent, advis’d the Indians not to deliver up their captives without a ransom. When the form’d a Law to raise money to be expended by this faction among the Indians, tho’ the law was form’d in a manner expressedly condemned by his Majesty, yet when the Governor refus’d to pass it, they had the sagacity to foretell the late Indian war, a considerable time before it broke out; and when the Indians began to lay waste the province, the Quakers brought down the wives and children of the murtherers, and even some of the warriors themselves, who were wounded or worn out in the honourable service of robbing and murthering his Majesty’s

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