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The Plain Dealer, Numb. II - 3


No.II. Market-Street. TUESDAY, May 7, 1764.

ON seeing a Pamphlet lately published and thrown into the Houses of several Inhabitants of this City, entitled COOL THOUGHTS on the present Situation of Publick Affairs; I was naturally led to think that some Person of a benevolent Disposition, quite tired with that Spirit of Contention, which has prevailed for some Time past, to the Discredit of the Community, had undertaken to become a Mediator of their Differences, and had offered to the Perusal of the Publick such healing Considerations as would have entirely cured the political Malady that now rages, and have restored the Body politick to a found State, and thereby have been justly entituled to the Praises and Esteem of the Inhabitants of the Province.

In order to have effected so laudable a Design, we should naturally have expected, that every paliating Reason would have been advanced, to calm the Minds of the People, and bring them to forget their present Differences, and engage them in a hearty Union, to remove all Causes of present or future Uneasiness.

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