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The Plain Dealer, Numb. II - 15

Argument drawn from thence, of the Necessity of their joining heartily in attempting to procure a Change of Government.----But as there is a further Use designed by it, which has not been pointed out, we proceed to the Consideration thereof;---which is, That tho’ on other Accounts more Members for the Back Counties might be necessary, yet at this Time it would not answer, because, that unless the Proprietaries be turned out, an additional Number of Representatives for the Back Counties would render an Accomodation practicable, as those already in the House have been alway very pressing to have something done for the Protection of their Constituents; which [should they have an Addition to their Number] would be likely to be brought about; the Consequence of which would be, that coming into such Measures as would effectually remove their present Complaints, Harmony would ensue, and the Proprietary Governments appear fully calculated to make them happy, and thereby the Designs of ambitious Men, who love to fish in troubled Water, be entirely frustrated.

ANOTHER Discovery, not less to the Honor of our Author’s Penetration than any of the foregoing, demands our peculiar Attention.-----If the present Project of a Change of Government, is not pushed with Vigour, none but such as are Friends to the Proprietors will be chosen; this may easily be brought about, and, as the Number of Members are not very great, you may find a Sufficiency among those who have been obliged by the Proprietaries, either in Offices conferred by themselves, or procured by their Interest, of others:---Among those our Author cannot fail of a good Chance for Promotion; his Gratitude having been so conspicuous as to merit the highest Encouragement.

HOWEVER, this Plot must be counteracted at all Events; by encouraging the PETITION; for should they succeed so far as to procure a Majority of Proprietary Friends, tho’ you may think, that if they do not manage agreeable to your Inclinations, you will turn them out, as you will have an Opportunity once a Year to do it.-----But beware of trusting to that; for Six Parts in Seven agreeing with the Governor,

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