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The Paxtoniade - 7

(At least while some of the same Colour,
With those who’ e caus’d us all this Dolor)
In Matchcoats warm and blankets drest.
Are by the Q--------rs much caress’d.
And live in peace by good warm fires,
And have the extent of their desires?
Shall we put by such treatment base?
By Nox, we wont!” ------And broke his Vase.

“Seeing then we’ve such good cause to hate ’em
What I intend’s to extirpate ’em:
To suffer them no more to thrive,
And leave nor Root nor branch alive;
But should we madly leave our wives
And Children, and expose our lives
In search of these wh’ infest our borders,
And perpretate such cruel murders;
It is most likely by King Harry,
That we should in the end miscarry.
I deem therefore the wisest course is
That those who’ve beasts should mount their hosses,
And those who’ve none should march on foot,
With as much quickness as will suit,
To where those heathen, nothing fearful,
That we will on their front and rear fall,
Enjoy SWEET OTIUM in their Cotts,
And dwell securely in their Hutts.
And as they’ve nothing to defend them,
We’ll quickly to their own place send them!”

At this the rabble bellow’d loud,
And horrid Echos fill’d the wood:
You’d thought you hear’d old Etna moan,
And from her inmost entrails groan;
Or else the terrifying yell
Of all the D-----------, confin’d in----------.

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