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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 15

you find fault with me for being the same with yourself in that Particular.
Qua. But my Disenting does not proceed from any dislike to the King, or the Government, but from a Religious scruple of Conscience in bearing Arms, but thou art a Desenter from the wickedness of thy heart, like the fallen Angels, and let me tell thee, that unless thou mends thy ways, thy Condition may be like unto theirs.
1st. P. Do you say we are govern'd by the best of Kings.
Qua. Yes verily I do.
1st. P. And why then do not you take up Arms to support that King and his Government.
Qua. I have never done it yet against the common Enemy, but when there is a real necessity as there appears to be now, thou shalt be convinc'd that I will carry Arms and fight too; and chastize such Wretches as thou art with thy bloody persecuting Principles, who art not worthy to live in a free Government: Then will I remember New-England and make thee tremble.
2d. Churchman. They are come, they are come.
1st. P. God be thanked.
Qua. Than 'tis Time to Arm, and do thou attack me if thou dares, and thou shalt find that I have Courage and Strength sufficient, to trample thee under my Feet

Stir then good People be not still nor quiet,
Rouze up yourselves take Arms and quell the Riot;
Such Wild-fire Chaps may, dangerous Mischeifs raise.
And fer unthinking People in a blaze.

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