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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 14

it over now and take another Opportunity to call him before his betters, I dare say he will receive but little Countenance, our M—s are all good Subjects, hearty in the Cause of Liberty and supporting the Constitutions, and doubt not but, they will make Publick examples of any that dare oppose them.
Qua. 'Tis a Mercy they are so, or I am sure we should be put in a deplorable Situation, but we ought to be Thankful.
Chur. Here is a fine Sight to see these Troops, I think they make a handsome Appearance.
Qua. So they do Friend, it rejoices my Heart to see those Drums and Colours display'd, and such Numbers of Men met arm'd together, for the support of Government, and to prevent Inhuman Masacre.
1st. P. You may change your note before to Morrow-Morning.
Qua. I doubt thy Words, but how comes it to pass, there are so few of thy Sect among them, from what thou hast already said, 'tis plain the Countenances Rioters, and possibly when they come will join them.
1st. P. With all my Soul.
Qua. I thought so, thou goest about to destroy the best of Kings, and the best of Governments.
1st. P. How will you prove that.
Qua. By thy Words and Actions.
1st. P. You talk like a Fool.
Qua. Thee talks and acts like one, in not agreeing with me and all good Men, that we are Govern'd by the best of Kings, and how dare thee say to the contrary, thou Disenter.
1st. P. And so are a Dissenter, and how dare

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