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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 12

Thou shouldst not dare to babble so;
I think thou dost deserve the Gallows,
As much or more than those Paxton fellows.
1st. P. 'Tis more likely you'll get there first.
Qua. Ay if thou hadst thy will.
1st. P. Nothing more certain.
Qua. 'Tis plain from thy Discourse that thou and thine Intends to pour out thy Vials of Wrath and D—sh—ss on the Inhabitants of this City, and those Innocents they have taken into their Protection, thou and thy Friends are one of the seven Plagues, thou hast the Mark of the Beast.
1st. P. Oh had they but one Neck (as a worthy Roman said) that I might lop them off at one chop.
Qua. O! wretched Barbarity.
1st. P. Bless'd shall that Man be call'd,
That takes thy Children young;
To dash their Bones against the Stonesâ–ª
That lye in the Streets among.
Qua. My Soul shudders at the Thought.
1st. P. Begone.
Qua. Is that the Language of thy Heart,
O wicked, wicked wretch thou art.
1st. P. Away! Away.
Qua. Oh! Lancaster, Lancaster, the blood of murder'd Innocents cry out for Vengeance? Oh! Presbyterians, Presbyterians, who shall deliver thee from the Wrath to come.
1st. P. Away, Away, with all such pusilanimous Fellows.

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