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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 11

bewilder'd, your Countenance betrays some fear at those Vagabonds coming down.

1st. P. Fear, what do you mean by fear, possibly you may have most Reason to fear •hortly.
2d. P. (aside) you'll certainly spoil all.
Quaker. Thou seemest angry, I don't understand thee a right Friend, explain thyself, why I should be more afraid hereafter than thee.
1st. P. I don't choose it at Present: Stay till the Time comes.
Qua. What Time, thou talkest Misterious? What Time, I cannot divine thy meaning, thou talkest in unintelligible dark Characters.
1st. P. You may think as you will, I will satisfy you no further now.
Qua. Thou seemest to be possess'd of a Spirit of Madness, I can scarce have Patience with thee.
1st. P. I am not so mad as you, you seem to have the Spirit of the D—l in you.
2d. P. Sir excuse my Friend, he is a little out of humour this Morning, he was disturb'd of his Rest last Night.
Qua. Ay, ay, I suppose he was at Germantown last Night, giving them Vagrants Counsel, was he not.
1st. P. No Matter it's none of your business.
Qua. It is Matter, I shall take notice of thee.
1st. P. Ay, and so shall I of you.
Qua. —Was I in Power I'd let thee know,

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