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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 10

Friends here: It gave them new life, they were all Unaminous in coming down, I rejoyc'd to hear it? Oh 'twas a blessed meeting I promis'd them they should be farther supply'd with Cash to carry Things on successfully; and after spending the best Part of this Morning in Prayer with them, I took a friendly leave of them for a while, so Brother; you see I have not been idle, and hope I have been of some Service to the Cause.
2d. P. How worthy art thou among Saints, thou art good; thy Charity will be rewarded Four-fold.
1st. P. This is not all Brother, I have been collecting from our Brethren here, and have met with extraordinary success. I have got already in Cash Two Thousand Pounds, and Subscriptions to near One thousand Pounds more, some were so free to give, they open'd their Baggs, and let me take out what I pleas'd.
2d. P. O glorious? What a Spirit is here! Thou wilt be rewarded twenty Fold.
1st. P. A Godly Spirit? Oh! that it may continue, ours is the Cause, the Cause of Glory, the Cause of Religion, a Righteous Cause, the Cause of:
2d. P. Hold, hold, here's somebody coming.
1st. P. Not a word more, I'm done I'm silent.

SCENE VI. (Enter Quaker)

Quaker. Well Friends, how dost do this Morning, what News, methinks you seem

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