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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 8

in hopes, as we have taken no little Pains, that Things will shortly take another turn, you know when the Arm of God is with us, and our Counsels, we need not fear what Man can do unto us.
1st. Pres. That's true Brother? Life and all for this glorious Cause.
2d. Pres. Stop Brother do not be so openly, Zealous and loud, possibly we may be overheard, you'll do well to consider how the Case stands, let us go Circumspectly to Work.
1st. Pres. How the Case stands; I have it, so much at Heart, I dont care who hears me, this is my Sentiments and I'll dye by it.
2d. P. Would to God all our Brethren were such Godly Zealous Men as you are, then I am sure, we should carry the Point, but never fear, what we can't do by force, we must do by Policy, and you know Olivers Schemes took Effect; more through Policy and Cunning than Force, we must keep on our Guard, or we shall be in the sudds.
1st. P. You say right, do you continue to Plan and we will execute, it seems to me Providence will favour us by furnishing us, with such wise Counsellors as you? Now we are Happy? Now we go on Triumphantly, let us Extipate those People, Root and Branch, and not leave one Soul alive, than will be fulfill'd (what the Scripture saith) we shall be all of one Mind, happy then shall we be, Thrice happy, Thrice:

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