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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 7

The hurly burly, subsided, advance Troopers with sound of Trumpet.
(Exit Butchers.)
(Happy Butchers, you were not butcher'd.)
A Glorious Parade through the City, Night comes on, some Guard while others rest after their Fatigue.


Day Light appears.

Enter 1st. Pressbyterian. Good Morrow Brother, well what News this Morning.
2d. Press. Is it possible you can be ignorant, or be an idle Spectator of what we and your Brethren are doing.
1st. Pres. No Brother God forbid, I am not an idle Spectator, nor am I ignorant of the Matter, but when I ask'd you that Question, I did not know but you might inform me of something that's new, or advise with me what is further to be done, for my Part you cannot entertain any doubt but agreeable to my Forefathers Oliverian Spirit, I would freely Sacrifice my Life and Fortune for this Cause, rather than those Misecrants of the Establish'd Church of England, or those R—ls the Q—s, should continue longer at the head of Government, it vexes me to the Soul to see those heathen Enemies. openly Protected by them, against the Law of Nature, the Law of Reason, and the Law of God.
2d. Pres. Ay so it does me Brother, but I'm

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