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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 6

1st. Artill. The Governor should be inform'd of it.
2d. Artill. 'Ill go and inform him of it by G—d. (Exit W.—e.)


The Crowd. Here they come, Here they are all on Horse-back.
3d. Artill. Where are they, where are they, stand clear, stand clear, make Room: Zounds make Room, where are the Thieves s'blood stand clear, lets have a Knock at them.
The Crowd. Here they are, they are come.
3d. Artill. By heavens I'll slash some of them, stand clear, where are the Thieves.
2d. Artill. Point the Guns, make Room, hand the Cartridges, light the Match, load away.
The Crowd scampering away, Helter Skeiter, one tumbling over another.
Officers. Prime.
Soldiers. All Prim'd.
Officers. Rest your Firelocks, Shoulder, Present.
Soldiers. Give us Orders to fire.
Officers. Don't fire till the Word Gentlemen.
The Crow'd. A false alarm, a false alarm, it's the Dutch Company of Butchers, it's the Dutch Company of Troopers, Friends, Friends, Friends, &c.
Officers. Recover your Arms, Shoulder.
3d. Artill. Well enough by the Lord, it's well enough by Heavens, I was ready for them, the Thieves.

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