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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 5

there way hitherward.
1st. Artill. More shame for you to entertain such Guests.
W.—e. I think not so, they had business with me.
1st. Artill. I suppose so, it was Plotting business, D—le business.
W.—e. No Matter, they are stout Fellows and as well equipt, I tell you.
1st. Artill. Well they may be so, we are not afraid of them, who cares.
W.—e. Why there are 1500 of them mostly Six Foot high, and scarce a Man among them, but will hit a Mark 150 yards of, to the greatest nicety.
2d. Artill. There are many of us can do that too.
W.—e. I'm sure 50 of them would drive you all into Delaware.
1st. Artill. I much question that, and for your Part, you ought to be H—d, for encouraging Rioters, you a Maker of L—s your the D—l.
W.—e. You should have more regard to my Age, do you know sirrah who I am.
1st. Artill. No D—n me, nor I dont care, you're an old Sc—l.
One of the Crowd. This has been the Language of that old R—l these several Days past.
Another of the Crowd. I heard him several Times endeavour to discourage the Citizens while on Duty.

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