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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 4

form'd, the Artillery ready, every Thing in order, waiting impatiently for their coming.
(Enter the second Express.)
Gov. What news Friend.
Exp. Sir they are within twelve Miles.
Gov. Officers.
Offic. Sir.
Gov. Order your Men to Load.
Offic. Yes Sir.
Gov. Cap.—n March your Company and join the Barracks.
Capt. Yes Sir.

The Barracks prepared to receive them, the Citizens impatient for Action.
(Enter First Artillery Man)

First Artill. Man. They say they are a Parcel of ragged Arse tatterdemalion Fellows.
W.—e. Your mistaken, they are stout Fellows.
Second Artillery Man. Are they, and do they really intend to come forward.
W.—e. Yes indeed do they.
First Artill. Man. Well we are ready for them, come when they will.
2d. Artill. We'll give them a dose I'll warrant you.
1st. Artill. By heavens will we.
W.—e. You'll find yourselves mistaken.
2d. Artill. May be so.
W.—e. Five and twenty of them supp'd at my House, and tarry'd with me all Night on

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