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The Paxton Boys: a Farce - 2

SCENE Opens.

The Inhabitants alarm'd for several Days past. 12 o'Clock at Night.
(Enter Express.)

THUMP, thump, thump, yoho, rouze, rouze, get up to Arms, to Arms.

Citizen. Who's there, what noise is that, what do you want?
Expr. Get up, up, up to Arms, where does the G—r live.
Citiz. What's the Matter! Friend, stop, stop, alittle. 'ill shew you what's the Matter, what's the Matter.
Exp. I must see the G—r, I cannot stav.
Citiz. Stop, stop, I pray you what means this, I'm coming, I'll shew you what's the Matter, I'll go with you, stop, stop.

Rap, rap, at the G—r's Door (gets admittance.)

Exp. Call the G—r.
Servant. He's coming Sir.
Gov. What's your business Friend.
Exp. Sir the Paxtons are coming.
Gov. Where are they.
Exp. About Eighteen Miles of Sir.
Gov. How do you know.
Exp. I saw them Sir.
Gov. When did you see them.

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