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The Conduct of the Paxton Men Impartially Represented - 8

and perfidious Villains; and their poor unhappy Friends left to spend perhaps the Remainder of their days, in all the Sorrow and Miseries of Heathenism and Barbarity, and to bow their Necks to the cruel Slavery of Savages.’

‘That at a Time when their ungenerous and merciless Enemies, had again, without the least provocation, invaded the Province, with the very Arms and Ammunition which they received at the late Treaties; and when the Frontiers were yet reeking with the Blood of their slaugher’d Inhabitants; and the murdered Ghosts of their Friends and Relatives cry’d aloud for Vengeance, a Number of Indians (many of which were concerned in this horrid Butchery) were escorted to the Metropolis, and there protected, cherished, and maintained in Luxury and Idleness, whilst they, the poor Sufferers, were abandoned to Misery, and left to starve, and beg their Bread.

‘That upon seeing themselves thus abused and thus neglected, and considering that the Influence of a Quaker Faction was the Source from whence all these Evils flow’d; and that pretended Scruples against War and Fighting were the Root from whence all their Calamities and heavy Sufferings sprang, and if yet permitted, might produce worse and more heavy, they were determined to bear no longer.

‘That Pennsylvania appear’d to them to be really in a dangerous CACHEXY; and that as such a Crisis they look’d upon it as their Duty to administer such Remedies (however severe they might be look’d upon by some) as might raise her drooping Head, and restore her to Health and Vigour.----And should their first Trial fail of Success, that in that Case they are determined to double the Potion, (h) which they hope will intirely purge off the peccant Humours, restore the Solids, and secure her hereafter from the Infection of Quaker Non-Resistance.’

Such is the declaration, and such the Complaints of these People.-----And indeed nine Tenths of the Inhabitants

(h) By this Expression, I am told, these People mean, that they will renew their Application and ADDRESSES, with DOUBLE the NUMBER of Signers, and it is said, they are likely to get TEN to ONE, that they had before, to remonstrate with them.

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