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Remarks on the Quaker Unmasked - 8

For keeping store of weapons in their Chambers:
He loves to be esteemed a Doctor by his Volumes.

And so after wishing that private animosities may subside, and public Factions loose their existence, shall conclude with what Hume says thereon. "Factions subvert Government, render Laws impotent, and begets the fiercest Animosities among Men the same Nation, who ought to give mutual assistance and protection to each other. And what should render the Founders Parties more odious is, the Difficulty extirpating these Parties, who once have taken Rise in any State. They naturally propagate themselves for many Centuries and seldom end but by the total Dissolution of that Government, in which they are planted. They are besides, seeds which grow most plentifully in rich Soils; tho' despotic Governments are not free from them, it must be confessed, they rise more easily, and propagate themselves faster in free Governments.


March 16, 1764.

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