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Franklin and the Quakers


[Abel James]
Exercise those on the Scotch Irish & Dutch & I'll support you while I am Abel

[Joseph Fox]
If you fail I must unturn Presbyterian again (aside)

[Quaker man 1]
the Paxton spirit grows stronger and stronger I dread the consequence

[Quaker man 2]
Verily I'm afraid Friend B--'s cool thoughts wont have warmth to prevail on them

[Quaker man 3]
Ah cou'd we but git them to sign the Petition we'd then have them i'th' Noose

[Quaker man 4]
I'm afraid those wicked Presbyterians will get their ends accomplished

[Benjamin Franklin]
Fight Dog Fight Bear I am Content If I but get the Govert

Pensilvan Money

For Doctr Pringle

[Man following Franklin]
This is the way our Money goes

[Native American woman]
Thou hast something lovely in thy Fob I must enjoy it (aside)

[Israel Pemberton]
Thou hast something lovely in thy countenance I must enjoy thee

[Transcription via "Politics in Graphic Detail: Exploring History through Political Cartoons" is part of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Historic Images, New Technologies project.]

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