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Extending Understanding

Assessment and Extensions
  1. Collaborative Poster
  2. Gallery Walk / Exit Ticket
  3. Historical Marker 

Collaborative Poster (Groups)
Materials include chart paper and 4 color markers. Students work in teams of 4. Each team will create a poster to address ONE essential question and support their argument:
Each team member will use one color as evidence of their contribution to the poster.
  1. Write the essential question in the center of the poster.
  2. Make a claim that answers the question. Put the claim under the question
  3. Include evidence to support the claim. Include: 1 quote; 2 original sentences; and 1 symbol to answer the question.
  4. Each team member will share why they selected the question (e.g. why the question is important to them) when they present their poster to the class. Each student will present what they contributed to the poster.

Gallery Walk / Exit Ticket (Individuals)
Students will display their posters. Ask students to look for common claims and unique evidence as they walk around and read the posters. (Provide students with paper to record their findings.) 

Individually, students will complete an exit ticket:
Historical Marker (Groups)
In 2013, an event and conference commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Paxton massacres. In Lancaster, PA, an additional historical marker was created, reading:

The Lancaster jail was located a half block to the north from 1753 to 1851. The last remaining Conestoga Indians were held here in protective custody in 1763. They were killed by a vigilante group, the Paxton Boys. No arrests were made.

Ask students to review the Pennsylvania historical marker for the "Conestoga Indian Town." Students will rewrite the marker based on what they learned from Ghost River.

In groups, students will create 3 markers: Students may submit their revised historical marker and/or make suggestions for a new historical marker to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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