Digital Paxton: Digital Collection, Critical Edition, and Teaching Platform

Conclusion and Further Reading

This article offers a representative rather than comprehensive account of paratexts. There are forms of backmatter, types of paratexts, and textual examples that have been largely left unaddressed. I have sought to provide suggestive examples about how the material on Digital Paxton could be used to gain further insights into the social world surrounding these texts.

By concentrating on paratexts, my intention is to show that texts were presented to the audience in a variety of different ways, sometimes by the author and other times by printers. The various modes of presentations provide insights into how the Paxton Boys debate unfolded. And most significantly, paratexts affected the way readers understood the printed arguments for and against the rioters, and so help us to understand a little more about the appeal of Paxton Boys texts.

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