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Christopher Towne to Israel Pemberton, April 25, 1756 - 1

Germantown 4th mo 25th 1756

Friend Pemberton

I am glad to hear that friends have proposed for accommodation with the Indians. and, as many ignorant as well as ill minded people are [enreached] towards friends, ascribing to them all mischief done by the Indians without any sound reason, I should be very glad and willing to assist in what manner I can and do believe that many friends who are against bearing arms will contribute towards a Peaceible way and I think that among them by a voluntary way of Subscription more will be gathered than what will think and as I have Correspondence with many friends among the germans I will write to them to conclude about if their meetings, especially to the menonists which are most able and willing to contribute to such a purpose.

Let me know what is proposed to the Indians which are going to the discontented ones of their nations, and as Soon as it can be. and if Something is done that the publick may Know led that be by itself and thee will oblige thy friend.

Christopher Town

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