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Benjamin Franklin to Richard Jackson, June 27, 1763 -2

Business of Women only to cultivate the Ground: their Men are all Warriors.

Perhaps these Causes have jointly contributed to produce the Effect. I think too, that we stoop’d too much in begging the last Peace of them; which has made them vain and insolent; and that we should never mention Peace to them again, till we have given them some severe Blows, and made them feel some ill Consequences of breaking with us. The Papers will tell you most of our News. The inclos’d Letter has some Particulars not yet publish’d.

Your Favour by Mr. Tunnicliff reach’d me here. I have recommended him for a Purchase of Land to Lord Stirling, who has great Tracts in the Jerseys out of the Indians way, and says he should like such a Man for a Neighbour, being himself employ’d at present in making great Improvements near Baskinridge where he purposes Building a Seat. I have recommended him also to Mr. Hughes, who is

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