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An Indian Squaw King Wampum Spies

An Indian Squaw King Wampum spies
Which makes his lustful passions rise
But while he doth a friendly Jobb
She dives her Hand into his Fob
And thence conveys as we are told
His Watch whose Cases were of Gold

When Dangers threaton tis mere Nonsense
To talk of such a thing as Conscience
To Arms to Arms with one Accord
The Sword of Quakers and the Lord
Fill Bumpers then of Rum or Arrack
We’ll drink Success to the new Barrack

Fight Dog! fight Bear! you’re all my Friends
By you I shall attain my Ends
For I can never be content
Till I have got the Government
But if from this Attempt I fall
Then let the Devil take you all

[This print depicts political cartoon against Quaker Government; King Wampum is Israel Pemberton. Transcription via HSP Education.]

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